7 Steps to Create a New Blog – Easy Beginner’s Guide

If you want to make a career as a blogger and thinking about creating a new blog then here you will get a step to step guide for creating a new blog.

Everyone has a different perspective for creating a new blog.

  • Some want to create a new blog because they love writing.
  • Share knowledge and some kind of information to help others.
  • Want to earn money through blogging and affiliate programs.
  • Following their passion.

Blogging gives you a opportunity to follow your passion and do a work that you love, you are the boss and you can do what you want to do.

But many people face so many difficulties while starting a blog because they don’t know where to start. Many difficulties comes in my way when i was starting a new blog but believe me blogging is not as complicated as you think.

Here are some steps that you should follow before starting a new blog .

Step 1: Choose a Perfect Niche

Niche Selection is the most important part of blogging, if you are going to write a blog post then you should know on which topic you are going to write.

Many bloggers quit blogging because they didn’t find the niche in which they are interested in and after writing 5-10 blog posts they feel lack of knowledge about their niche, So, first of all, you should know that on which topic you are interested and then start writing.

How to find a niche you are interested in?

Take a pen and paper and write at least 5 topics that you are interested in and you love to write on that topic.

Take the help of Google and Quora to find that other peoples are searching about that topic or not. When you find the topic that you love to write and other peoples are also searching about that topic then ask to yourself that you can write at least 20-30 article about that topic or not.

When you find the topic that fulfils the above requirements stick to that topic and don’t think about any other topic.

Step 2: Pick up a Good Domain Name

The domain is the address of your website which is used by internet users to identify your website.

Example Of Domain Name :

  • www.google.com
  • www.huppdigital.com
  • India.gov
  • Stylishweb.site

www (the subdomain), Huppdigital (domain name), .Com (TLD -Top Level Domain).

Domain name plays a very important role in making your blog successful. The domain name is as important as your own name. There are many different ways to find a good domain name and also many tools are available on the internet from where you find a good domain name for your website.

  1. Lean Domain Search
  2. Shopify Business Name Generator
  3. Name Mesh
  4. Name Stall
  5. Domain Puzzler

With the help of these, you can find a good domain name for your blog just put your topic name on which you want to write and then simply search for that you will find a variety of domain name here.

But, before choosing a domain name remember this important points

  • The domain name should be related to the topic on which you are writing.
  • Easy to remember.
  • As small as possible.
  • Use a (.COM) domain.
  • For a personal brand, Use your name.

Step 3: Get Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that allows your blog to be accessed through the internet.

Basically, Hosting is the space of our website, The content that we write on our website is stored here. Hosting is very important for making our website 24/7 online.

There are different servers from where you can purchase the domain and hosting some of them are mentioned below –

  1. GoDaddy
  2. NameCheap
  3. BlueHost
  4. HostGator
  5. Bigrock

A domain cost roughly $8/year and the hosting cost varies from $10-$100/year.

I have purchased my domain and hosting from Namecheap because here you can get cheap hosting as compare to other servers and the service is also good.

If you are a beginner and you don’t have much money to invest in domain and hostings than I will suggest you to go with Namecheap and purchase a basic plan of hosting and then later upgrade for a premium plan.

Step 4: Install WordPress to Create a New Blog

Without blogging software, you can’t start a blog. Most of the bloggers use WordPress because of its user-friendly experience.

WordPress provides many free themes and plugins that help you to make your blog more attractive. If you use any other software you will find it more costly and you have given money for different plugins and themes.

After getting your domain and hosting account you will get a link of CMS (Content Management System) i.e. cPanel from where you can install WordPress.

7 Steps to Create a New Blog - Easy Beginner's Guide

With the help of cPanel you can directly install WordPress in just one click.

Just click on the WordPress icon and your installation will be ready.

7 Steps to Create a New Blog - Easy Beginner's Guide

Install WordPress from here, It will ask about your username and password and some more details follow the process and your installation will be ready.

Step 5: Choose a Theme For Your Blog

After installing WordPress for your blog choose an attention-grabbing theme for your blog that attracts people.

The theme is an important part of your blog if it didn’t look attractive then you may loose so many visitors because of your theme only, So when you choose a theme keep in mind that it should be attractive and fit for your blog.

WordPress provides a variety of themes some of them are free and some are paid. You should choose a theme that is light in weight because heavy themes can affect SEO.

7 Steps to Create a New Blog - Easy Beginner's Guide

My thinking and your thinking may be different, So if I tell which plugin I am using you may not like it therefor you can the filter section provided at the right of your search bar button you can select themes as per your requirement.

7 Steps to Create a New Blog - Easy Beginner's Guide

Step 6 : Install Plugins

There are thousands of plugins available on WordPress that you can install according to your need. Plugins play a very important role in making your site SEO friendly.

With the help of plugins, you can reduce the size the images, clear the cache, make your site anti-spam and many more things.

7 Steps to Create a New Blog - Easy Beginner's Guide

So, here are the some plugins that can help you in ranking your site faster.

  1. WPForms:– WPForm is the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. This drag and drop online form builder helps you to create contact forms, email subscription forms, payment forms and other types of online forms with just a few clicks.
  2. Akismet Anti-Spam:- Akismet is a default plugin that comes with WordPress core installation. It is an anti-spam plugin which filters all the spam comments from the spam box.
  3. Rank Math:- This plugin helps you in basic SEO, It is an alternative plugin of Yoast SEO and nowadays many bloggers are using this plugin you can add title and URL of your blog using this plugin and you can also use Schema using these plugin.
  4. iThemes Security:- This plugin helps you to secure your website from hackers using this plugin you will be able to protect your website from unwanted usage.
  5. Jetpack:- It increases your website performance by optimizing your website images and by creating static files. It also comes with the feature of auto share by which you can share your blog on different social media platforms.
  6. Insanity:- Automatically compress the size of an image without degrading image quality. The image size can have a huge impact on page speed, By using this plugin you can save your time and money.

Also, there are many plugins available on WordPress, So choose the plugins as per your requirement.

Step 7: Write Your First Blog Post

Writing a blog post is really very interesting, You can write what you feel, You can write what you know and also you can write what you love. But before writing a post you should check that others peoples are searching for it or not, The keyword on which you are going to write has a good volume or not.

  • Use headings and subheadings carefully.
  • Use images to make it more attractive.
  • Use I and You words to make good communication with readers.
  • Use Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugins to make your content more SEO friendly, This plugins help you while writing SEO friendly content.
  • Choose long-tail keywords to rank easily.

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