Namecheap VPN Review: Get Free Trial For 30 Days

Namecheap is best known as a domain name registrar and web hosting provider. Recently, Namecheap has begun offering other services, one of which is their VPN solution.

More internet users than ever before are using a VPN as their security software. Hence, Namecheap has introduced its easy-to-use VPN service.

People like bloggers, freelancers, and affiliate marketers use the internet and WiFi a lot because they need a high-speed internet connection for their work.

But with the high-speed internet connection, privacy and safety are also important and you can get your privacy by using the Namecheap VPN.

In this Namecheap VPN review, I will tell you about all the features of VPN and how to get a Namecheap VPN free trial.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. It creates a secure encrypted connection so you can browse the internet and use public Wi-Fi while protecting your data and identity.

You may be asking yourself why you would need a VPN. The primary reason for using a VPN is privacy.

We usually use any WiFi hotspot in airports, cafes, hotels etc. But, we can’t trust these facilities blindly.

According to Mashable,

Your internet service provider (ISP) can see everything you do. While there probably isn’t a guy at Time Warner Cable sitting in a corner office watching your every move, many ISPs do compile anonymous browsing logs and sometimes sell them to advertising companies. With that data, advertisers can tailor their content directly to certain regions or browsing habits

This is one of the big reasons more and more people online are considering a virtual private network (VPN), which can keep your online behaviour private. VPN helps you to secure your privacy while connecting to a public WiFi or while browsing online.

Why VPN Is Important?

When you use the Internet, you begin by connecting to your local ISP (Internet Service Provider). This gives you access to the online world.

The sites and applications you visit while connected to that ISP can be logged through their server and they can see your activities.

But, when you connect via a VPN, it protects your data. Your data is encrypted through a ‘VPN tunnel’ and your ISP can no longer snoop on your history or data.

VPN process

They can’t see your activity online since it is protected via VPN and you can use the internet safely.

When you connect your mobile or laptop with WiFi, anyone can try to see your online activity. But, when you connect through a VPN and not from your ISP they will not be able to read your data and activity.

So, nowadays, it becomes essential to use VPN while connecting through any public WiFi because a VPN can protect your data from unwanted usage.

Namecheap VPN Review: Features & Benefits

1. Highly Affordable

Namecheap is well known for its affordable domain pricing and now they are providing their secure and reliable VPN service with extremely competitive pricing.

Normally they provide a 50% discount on a yearly plan but nowadays they are offering 86% on the yearly plan.

The thing that I like about their service is they are offering 100% off for the first month. So, if you’re not sure about purchasing the VPN, you can try it for one month for free.

2. Protect all Devices at Once

You can connect all your devices with the VPN app at once. The app is available for Android, Apple (iOS and Mac), and Windows devices.

So, purchase it for once and protect all your devices.

3. 75+ Locations and 1000+ Servers

Namecheap has its server in over 75 locations in 50 countries, so you can choose from where you want the connection to be from including specific cities.

4. DNS Leak Protection

If you connect to a website without DNS leak protection, the first query will go over an insecure channel, ‘leaking’ information about your activity. But, when you use the Namecheap VPN, its integrated and secure DNS protects you from such leaks.

If you’re browsing new sites on daily basis, then there is a possibility that your information is leaking by some of the sites.

So, using a VPN is very essential for protecting your data and information.

5. Protected on Public WiFi

Public WiFi is easy to hack and many hackers always look for the opportunity to hack your device. By using a VPN, you can move undetected on public WiFi and keep your private data safe from hackers.

VPN assigns you a unique, random IP address, masking your location and keeping your real address hidden.

6. No Traffic Logs

Namecheap’s team never track or stores your data or browsing history including connection details. The specifics of your browsing activity will always remain secure and private.

So, don’t worry about your browsing history and connection details they are in safe hands.

7. Always Protected With Kill Switch Feature

A ‘kill switch’ button blocks all internet traffic if your VPN connection stops working. Your privacy will remain secure and your IP address is hidden in case the VPN server disconnects.

The above features are just highlighted there is much more to explore with Namecheap VPN so grab your 30-day free trial now.

Namecheap provides three different plans, you have three plans to choose from. If you just want to try the VPN service, you can go ahead with a monthly plan.

You will get 100% in the first month.

Free VPN trial – protect yourself online!

Comparison to Other VPNs

There are so many VPN service providers available in the market. So, why should you buy it from Namecheap?

Because Namecheap is well known for its affordable pricing, its pricing is very low even a beginner can afford it.

Now, they are providing a VPN service with many features at a very low price. The image shown below can tell you, why Namecheap VPN is better than other VPN providers.

comparision of vpn

The primary function of a good VPN is to provide a highly secure and trustworthy connection when using your device on a public network.

When you look for the best VPN providers, keep in mind that security and reliability should never be compromised.

How to Get Namecheap VPN 30-Day Free Trial

Namecheap VPN yearly plan is costing around $0.83/month. The yearly plan is very affordable but if you have any trustworthy issues, you can go ahead with the 30-day free trial plan.

To get the free trial to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click here and you will be landed on the Homepage.

Now, choose the monthly plan to get 100% off on the 1st month.

Namecheap VPN plan

Step2: Click on the “Start my Plan” button to grab your offer. If you already have an account on Namecheap then log in to your account.

If you don’t have an account, create an account to proceed further.

Step 3: After signing in, the new screen will display 1 monthly subscription, the cost will be $0.00.

Enter your billing information here.

confirm purchase

Step 4: Confirm the purchase, the total charge should be $0.00. When your order is confirmed, you will land on a new page.

The new screen will display the message “Thank you for your subscription”.

VPN subscription

On the same screen, you will see an option for different devices on which you can download the VPN.

Choose your plan and set up the VPN.

If you are using Windows then click on the windows option and you will get the Namecheap VPN for Windows and all your other devices.

How To Setup Namecheap VPN

Once the app is successfully installed, the Namecheap VPN bar will appear in the Windows bar. Click this icon and sign in to your existing Namecheap account.

namecheap vpn sign in

After signing in, you will get the connect screen where you can connect to the best available location.

connect vpn screen

Click on the best available option and a list of your best available locations will appear before you. From here you can connect to the best available location or your favourite locations.

If you don’t find your favourite location on the given list you will be able to add your favourite location.

When you don’t find the location you are looking for, click on view more or the top left arrow and you will be taken to the expanded view where you will have more options.

favourite list

You can add/remove your favourite country or city on this screen. You can have multiple levels of connections, either connect at the country level or connect to a city location.

VPN favourite country

Under the location tab, you will find the setting tab, you can configure the settings according to your requirement.

By following the above steps, you can get the free trial and you will be able to set up the Namecheap VPN for your device properly.


Q1. Can I Cancel Namecheap VPN Free Trial?

Yes, you have full control over your account, if you don’t want to continue with this VPN you can cancel it before ending the 30-day free trial.

Q2. Is Namecheap Legit?

Namecheap is legit. They have been excellent and reliable for me for the last 1 year. Namecheap is great actually.

Q3. Can I avail Namecheap VPN free trial without a credit card?

Yes, it is possible to get Namecheap VPN without a credit card, you can purchase it using your debit card. Just enable the international transaction for your debit card.

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