How to Write a Perfect Blog Post: 10 Easy Tips

Are you wondering how to write a perfect blog post that makes an impact? Is your blog post not getting the engagement that you’re expecting?

In this article, I’ll share the 10 steps that will help you write a perfect blog post.

Since the content is a very important part of a blog, writing a perfect and attractive blog post is very necessary.

If your posts are not good visitors will not read your whole article and immediately leave your website.

Due to which the bounce rate of your website will increase rapidly.

Google also penalizes the website by pushing them down that has a high bounce rate.

So if you want to rank higher on search engines and want good traffic on your website. You should know how to write a perfect blog post. 

 1. Planning

Before start writing your content make a plan on which topic you’re going to write and what are the essential features, you can put in that topic.

If you simply start writing your content without good planning. You’ll not be able to write good and long content.

After writing 1000 words or more you’ll start thinking about what to write now because you don’t have proper planning on what to write.

Choose a Good Topic

Choose a topic in which you’re interested and you’ve some knowledge about it. 

I’m not telling you that you should have a brief knowledge about that topic. Because many bloggers are their who write articles on the topics they didn’t know much about.

They do researches to know more about the topic or content.

You should also choose a topic that has a good search volume and you can write at least 1500-2000 word on that topic.

Do Keyword Research

To know the volume and difficulty of the keyword on which you’re going to write you should research that keyword.

Keyword research helps you to know how many people are searching for that specific keyword and you should write on that keyword or not.

Try to find a long-tail keyword that is low competitive and easy to rank.

If you choose a high competitive keyword, it takes a lot of time to rank on that keyword because there are already many authorable sites that are ranking on that keyword.

You can use some tools to do keyword research.

There are many free and paid tools available on the internet for doing keyword research.

If you don’t want to spend money on paid tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

You can use free tools like:

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Google Keyword Planner
  4. Keyword Surfer (Chrome extension)  

Create an Outline

Before writing your actual blog post, create a short note of that post.

You can write a summary of your blog post in a note-book, like the starting of your post, headings, sub-headings. key points, facts etc.

Or the best place to write these things is your WordPress dashboard because there are chances you can lose your notebook.

So you can write it directly on your dashboard and save it as a draft.

2. How to Write a Perfect Blog Post:        Heading

Heading or title is the most important part of a blog post. The heading is the part of your post that attracts people to visit your blog.

Your heading shows on the search engine result pages so it is very important to make your headings great and attractive.

If your heading is attractive and unique, chances are increases that people will click on your URL that also increases traffic on your blog.

To make your blog more attractive and eye-catching use numbers and power words in your headline.

Use Numbers

According to research by the conductor, headlines with numbers are 36% more likely to generate more clicks.

To make your headlines more attractive use numbers. A proven wat to get more clicks from the SERP’s is to use numbers in the headlines.

You have probably seen the great bloggers uses numbers in their headlines to get make people click o their URL.

Numbers are eye-catching because they inform how long the article will be and how many new things you’ll learn.

Use Power Words

image with text free

Power words are the words that copywriters and bloggers use to attract more clicks.

Power words push the people to read the article because these words get emotionally attached to people mind.

Here is the list of some powerful words that you can use in blog headings.

Accurate Accuse Achieve
Actionable AdviceAlways
Basic BeautifulBest 
Better Big Bonus
CompleteContent Copy

3. Attract Your Readers With Great Opening

The opening of your blog post is the first impression on your visitors.

If your opening is attractive, visitors will stay on your website for long-time. The starting of your blog gives the visitor a glimpse of the whole content.

But if your opening is boring people wouldn’t read the rest content.

So try to make your opening more engaging and attractive.

To do so, you can start your blog with a question. As I have done in this post, started it with a question.

Are you wondering how to write a perfect blog post that makes an impact? Is your blog post not getting the engagement that you’re expecting?

Adding questions at the beginning of your content gives satisfaction to your visitors.

Questions create an impact on visitors mind because they are reading the same thing they search for. Due to which they believe that they will get the answer to their query from your article.

You can also put some facts at the beginning.


The facts create curiosity in the visitor’s mind to know more about these facts and this makes them read your full article.

But, if you’re using facts in your post make sure that facts are accurate. And if you’re copying them from some website give them a credit.

So try to add some questions and facts at the beginning of your post to attract your audience.

4. Write As You Talk

image of papers

When you write your article in your style as you talk. It creates a good impression on readers and looks like a perfect blog post.

By doing so you can make them feel like they’re having a conversation with someone rather than reading a post.

Use You and I words in your post, it makes your post more attractive and creates a friendly atmosphere.

When you use these words, readers feel like you’re talking with them and they will get the exact information that they are looking for.

This will make readers read your full article and they’ll keep coming to your website to read more posts that are easy to understand.

This is the best way to convert a visitor into a customer.

 But most of the time beginner’s does this mistake, they use the words that are not easy to understand to feel like they’re using more powerful words and it creates a good impact on readers.

But this doesn’t work everyone like to read the content that is easy to understand.

5. Make Your Blog Easy to Read

People usually don’t read your whole blog post. Instead of that, they look for the main points like subheadings.

If they find something informative then they use to read your whole article.

So try to make your blog post easy to read. It will help your readers to get the information quickly and they will stick to your blog post.

Here are some ways you can make your blog easy to read.

Use Subheadings

By using subheadings you can show the important point of your blog post. Visitor can easily navigate through your blog post.

Subheading help visitors to scan your website and can see the important terms you have put in your blog post.

Subheadings are very important to make your post a perfect blog post.

Use Short Paragraphs

Short paragraphs are easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. They increase the readability of the post.

Visitor show interest in reading short paragraphs because they get the information of that sentence in a short time.

Whereas long paragraphs scare the visitor, and they might result in SERPs looking for better readable content.

So, don’t use long paragraphs in your blog post it can reduce the content readability of your post.

Use of long paragraphs also affects your ranking factor. Since it can reduce your SEO performance.

Use Bullet Points

Whenever you have a list you can use bullet points to make your message precise and easy to read. 

When a visitor scans through your post they look for the bulleted list and if they find it interesting they will try to read your whole post.

So, instead of listing items in a sentence use bullet lists.

If you use these tips in your post you can write an attractive and perfect blog post. Your visitors will be more likely to read the whole post.

6. Use Images Effectively

laptop and textbook

An image is the best way to create a positive first impression of the post. Images can convert a simple blog post into a perfect blog post.

Content with images feels more inviting to users. Usage of images makes your blog more attractive.

You can also provide information to your visitors with the help of images.

Visually attractive posts have more chances to create an emotional connection with visitors.

If your post is not visually attractive most of the visitors will leave your website without reading a single sentence.

Blog posts with images rank higher on search engines. The highest-ranking are given to those posts that have a long post with images and videos. 

So if you want to perform better in search engines use images in your blog post.

While using images add Alt text in your images. Alt texts help Google bot to read your images easily.

Also, try to use focus keyword as Alt text in one of your images to increase your SEO ranking factor.

Images also make it easier to understand complex information.

When you’re giving information that is not easy to explain in words, use screenshots to provide a better understanding.

7. Level Up Your SEO


To gain a lot of traffic to your blog post, you need to level up your SEO.

You can level up your SEO using different ways.

But if you’ve already using Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin, a lot of work is done.

Add a focus keyword you want to rank for. Add focus keyword to the SEO title, meta description, URL, and at the beginning of your content.

According to Rank Math, the minimum recommended content length should be 600 words.

However, I will recommend writing a content average of 2000 words.

Long content tends to rank higher on search engines.

Also, optimize your images properly before inserting it in your post. Unoptimized images reduce the speed of your website. 

Either you can use Shortpixel WordPress plugin to compress and optimize images.

This plugin automatically optimizes your images by reducing the size of images without affecting the quality.

Use focus keyword in subheadings like H2, H3, H4, etc..

You can also use a table of content to break-down your text. It helps break-down content into a smaller, digestible snippet. It makes reading easier which in turns result in better ranking.

8. Use Call to Action Words

Using CTA words in your post is a very important part.

Call to action words are strong emotional words that make visitors take action.

Every blogger and Youtuber uses CTA words to convince their users to take action.

You can convert a random visitor into regular reader using the CTA words.

You could ask your readers to:

  • Leave a comment
  • Share on social media (use social sharing icons)
  • Buy a product
  • Share your thoughts
  • Or you can provide a free course or e-book.

Like Bloggingos has done, Kritish Vyas (owner of bloggingos) provide a 9-day free course on blogging to make their visitors take action on the site.

You can also provide some free courses or e-books on your site to collect e-mails from visitors.

9. Conclusion

After completing your post write a conclusion at the end.

The conclusion is the final words of your perfect blog post. So try to put some specific points in it.

When you’re ready to sign off, let your readers know the article is closing. Your conclusion should not be lengthy but it should recap the blog post.

Use CTA words in your conclusion, Ask readers to leave a comment on your post.

You can also add links to your other posts and ask readers to check them out.

10. Check, Publish and Share!

This is a time when you’re ready to publish your post.

But before publishing it, Check out the grammatical mistakes and some missing words.

Because many times, by mistake we miss some words or do some grammatical mistakes.

So it is better to check your post twice.

You can use Grammarly to check the grammatical mistakes. Grammarly is one of the best tools to detect grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Grammarly is also available on chrome web store. You can use it as an extension and whenever you’ll write something it will detect the mistake and also correct that mistake.

Don’t forget to add tags, tags help your post to rank on different keywords.

After checking your mistakes and adding tags you’re ready to publish your post.

Publish it!

Now it’s time to share your post on different social media platforms to get instant traffic.

Share it on all the social media platforms that you’re using like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, etc.

Also, use a big thumbnail while sharing on social media. Thumbnails attract people attention.

Final Words

By reading the post you’ve probably got an idea of How to write a perfect blog post.

Writing a perfect blog post is not as easy as you think. You’ve to put a lot of effort into writing a perfect blog post.

So follow the above tips, precisely you’ll be able to write a perfect and attractive post.

Tell us, What new things you’ve learnt from these posts and which tip you find most useful.

Share your thoughts in the comment section if you’ve any other ideas on writing a blog post.

And don’t hesitate to ask any query. I will help you to solve your query. 

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