How to Make Money With ClickBank[2020]: An Easy Guide

Are you looking for how to make money with ClickBank

Then you are landed on the perfect page. In this post, you will get the easiest way of making money from ClickBank as a beginner.

If you are looking for it for a long time then you might have been heard that it takes 2-3 months to make money from Clickbank. But, that’s not right.

You can make money with ClickBank from the first month of your journey. Wondering, How?

I have included some of the most effective ways in this post through which you can make money from ClickBank fast.

If you want to know how to make with ClickBank fast, then read the entire post carefully.

But before going directly to how to make money with Clickbank, you should know what is Click bank and how it works. So let’s first understand, what is Clickbank?

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an e-commerce retailer of physical and digital products. It was founded in 1998 and with the experience of 20+ years, Clickbank has become one of the most profitable affiliate networks.

You can make money from Clickbank in two ways either as a vendor (product owner) or as an affiliate (who promote products).

So, you can make money in both the ways, if you want to sell your products then you can upload it on Clickbank and affiliates will promote your products.

You can also make money as an affiliate by promoting the products of vendors or product owners, by promoting their products, you will earn a commission on every sell.

Whether you are super affiliate or just beginning your marketing career, there’s never a bad time to get started with Clickbank. Many people have been promoting Clickbank products for over 20 years, and earn more than $4.2 billion in commission.

In this post, I will tell you how to make money with Clickbank as an affiliate means how you can make money by promoting the Clickbank products.

How Does Clickbank Work?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace where you find the products related to your niche and then promote it to different platforms such as website, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, and Instagram to make a sell.

As I have already mentioned, Clickbank is classified as an affiliate network, there are two prime players in this scenario:

  • Seller or Product Owner
  • Affiliates

Seller or Product owner launch their products on the Clickbank Marketplace. These products can be anything like software, e-marketing tools, self-help books, games, health & fitness product etc.

Now, affiliates promote these products to different platforms and after every sell, the amount is collected by Clickbank and then it is split between seller and affiliate.

To make money with Clickbank as a beginner, you have to sign up to the Clickbank.

Remember, you have to sign up as an Affiliate, not as a Seller. If you sign up as a Seller, you will not be able to promote the products.

Sign Up as an Affiliate

Sign up to Clickbank directly as an Affiliate by clicking Here!

Clickbank Homepage

I am repeating it that don’t sign up as a seller; otherwise, you won’t be able to promote the products.

To sign up as an affiliate click on Promote (Header Menu), then you will land on the page of affiliates. Now, click on the button Join Clickbank to start promoting products.

Provide your basic details such as First name, Last name, E-mail address, Phone number, and Country name.

Clickbank sign up form

Accept the terms & condition and your affiliate account will be created on Clickbank. You will opt for a question that you want training e-mails or not.

I will suggest you accept that option because then Clickbank will send you some training module on how to make money with Clickbank or how to promote the Clickbank products.

Go to the dashboard and explore Clickbank!

Now, you have successfully signed up for Clickbank as an affiliate. It’s time for choosing the right products to promote.

Find The Best Products to Promote

Once you open your Affiliate account dashboard, you can locate the Marketplace tab in the menu. At Marketplace, you can choose the products that you want to promote.

Clickbank Marketplace image

You can use the Find products box to find the products by keyword.

Clickbank Product Category

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business/Investment
  • Computer/Internet
  • Cooking, Food & Wine
  • E-Business & E-Marketing
  • Education
  • Fiction
  • Games
  • Green Products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Software & Service
  • Self-help
  • Travel
  • and many more…

But, don’t select any product randomly. You should promote the product that is related to your niche means you should know which product you can promote efficiently.

If you think that you can promote a product related to health&fitness then choose any product related to health&fitness.

You should do proper research of your market to know the product is profitable for you or not.

After doing the research, you can choose the product by browsing the different categories or by just entering the keyword in the search bar.

You will see a list of thousands of products, you can any of them that is related to your niche and start to promote that product on different platforms such as Website, YouTube, Blog, Pinterest, Quora, and many more.

I will tell you in this post how you can promote the selected product on different platforms.

But, before that, you should know how to choose a perfect product that can make money fo you. If you choose any random product blindly then you can’t make money from Clickbank.

So, let’s understand how to find the best products to promote on Clickbank?

How to Find the Best Products on Clickbank?

Before choosing any product in the Clickbank marketplace, you should know that the product is making conversions or not.

You can find the best products that make maximum profits by knowing these key factors:

  • Grav: Grav is a short form of Gravity performance statistics. This number represents the different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks. This number can give you an idea of what products are “hot” at the moment.
  • Avg $/Conversion: This number represents the average commission that an affiliate earns for each conversion. This includes earning from all sales (initial sales, upsells, and rebills0.
  • Initial $/Conversion: This number represents the average commission earned by an affiliate for the first sale.
  • Recurring $/Bill: This number is the average commission an affiliate earns for each rebills payment of the vendor’s product.
  • Cat: Cat is a short form of “Category”. This section provides information about the category of the selected product.

These are some of the key factors that you should follow while choosing a product to promote on Clickbank.

You might have been heard that higher the number of gravity, higher the chances of earning profit. But, there is one thing you all are missing, the higher number of gravity means higher competition.

Many other marketers are also promoting the same product and they are well experienced and you are a beginner. So don’t go for higher numbers.

Choose a product whose Gravity is between 30 to 70. This type of products is best for beginners because they have low competition and a moderate number of sales.

After getting the product of this range, click on their affiliate page link and look for the resources they are providing to promote the product such as E-mail Swipes, Banners, and Product Images.

If they are providing sufficient resources to promote the product then finalise the product, come back to the Clickbank marketplace and click on the PROMOTE button.

When you click on the Promote button, a new window will open. In this window, you have to provide your Clickbank nickname.

You can get your nickname at Clickbank dashboard. Enter the correct nickname otherwise your affiliate link will not work properly and you will not get your commission after completing your sells.

After entering your correct nickname, click on the Generate Hoplink button, and you will get your affiliate link. You can use this link to promote the selected product.

Whenever a person purchases the product using your link you will get your desired commission.

Make Your Hoplink Short

Short links make big results. You should short your affiliate links before promoting it because short links increase customer trust.

Bitly image

You can short you Hoplink using Bitly. Bitly is a URL shortener website where you can shorten your links by just one click.

Paste your link in the search bar and click on Shorten, your link will be automatically shortened by Bitly, copy your new link. Now, you can promote your modified short link.

How to Promote ClickBank Products?

There are different ways available for promoting Clickbank products. But, here I will provide you with the easiest way of promoting Clickbank product.

By following these methods you can easily generate your sales in the first month. 

There is also one more thing that you should consider if you are taking Clickbank products as the primary source of your affiliate marketing. You can’t make your first sale very easily because you have to make an audience to make your sell.

It takes time to make an audience but if you are doing it in a right and legit way then you can make money from Clickbank quicker than many other.

So follow all the steps carefully that I have considered in this post to know how to make money with Clickbank fast.

Let’s talk about the different ways of promoting Clickbank products:

  • Promote Via Blog/Website
  • Promote Via YouTube
  • Promote Via Quora
  • Promote Via Pinterest

Promote Via Blog

 If you want to grow in the field of affiliate marketing, you will need to create a blog. The blog is a platform where you can generate sells faster than any other platform.

On a blog, you can drive traffic from Google and other search engines. You get targeted traffic from search engines means you will get traffic for the keyword that you are targeting. 

Let’s say, you are targeting a keyword, Work From Home, then the people who are searching this keyword on Google will land on your site due to which the conversion rate increases a lot.

Wondering how to start a blog? Check our comprehensive guide on How to start a blog.

You can also start a blog on WordPress or Blogger for free, you don’t have to spend a penny of money. But, the free blogs didn’t rank on Google.

So it’s better to spend some money on purchasing a domain and hosting for your blog. By purchasing a TLD (top-level domain) and hosting you can easily rank your blog on Google with the help of SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Domain: A domain name is the permanent address of your website on the internet. People type this name into their web browsers to find your website.
  • Hosting: Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website onto the internet. It is the place where all the files of your website live.

You can purchase an affordable domain and a hosting from Namecheap or Hostinger if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

These platforms are best for beginners to purchase the domain and hosting because there pricing is low as compared to other hosting providers.

When I have purchased the domain and hosting from Namecheap, it costs me a total of $11.76. I have purchased a TLD (.COM) domain at just $8.88 for one year and a stellar hosting at $2.88 for one month.

There is a special 50% discount if you purchase the hosting with a yearly plan.

You can also check our article on How Much Does It Cost To Start a Blog to know the exact amount of money you will need to create a blog.

After creating a blog, write amazing posts related to your Clickbank products then put the affiliate link of those products in your blog posts.

Provide detailed information about the product that you’re promoting, so that people come to know that what they are purchasing and why they should purchase it.

If you provide a comprehensive detail of the product in your post, you will see an increase in conversion rate.

So, create a blog, write blog posts, promote Clickbank products, and make money with Clickbank.

Promote Via YouTube

Every day millions of people watch videos on YouTube, I and you are also one of them. People use Youtube for everything.

If they want to see any entertainment video they open Youtube, if they want to see any information related to any product or field they use Youtube.

Nowadays people like to see visual content. But, so many people use Youtube to grow their business by utilizing its free traffic.

You can also make money from Youtube, just create a channel and start to promote your Clickbank products.

Youtube is an excellent platform for promoting Clickbank products because on Youtube you can get a considerable amount of traffic on your videos by doing basic SEO (search engine optimization).

  • SEO: SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

Lets’ thoroughly understand this. Suppose, you are promoting a Clickbank product related to health&fitness. If you do a proper SEO of your content then whenever people search for heath&fitness your video will display at the top of the result.

By doing this you can reach more customers. More customer→More sells→More income. 

So, go and create a YouTube channel to promote Clickbank products and generate more sells.

Promote Via Quora

Quora is a Q&A site where anyone can ask a question and get answers. You can use Quora to promote your Clickbank products.

Quora is a very informative platform, people use this platform to solve their queries. They ask questions and other people who has some information about the question provides the answer.

Wondering, how you can use Quora to promote Clickbank Products.

Here is the answer!

Go to the Quora and search for the term related to your Clickbank product. If you are promoting a product of Health & Fitness then search for it in the search bar.

You will see a list of questions asked by different people. Provide the answer to the questions that are related to the product you are promoting.

Quora feed

While writing the answers provide a link of the Clickbank product so that people can reach the product by just clicking on that link. You can answer as many questions as you want there is no limit.

You can get many views on your answers if you efficiently use Quora. You can see my profile, I have written 52 answers on Quora till now and my answers got a total of 46.2k views and 2.1k this month.

Quora profile

But, getting views on your Quora answers is not an easy task, you have to understand the Quora algorithm to get more views on your answers so that you can reach to more customers.

Follow these steps to get more views:

  • Answer those questions that get the maximum number of views. You can check it by seeing the views on previous answers.
  • Always use an image in your answers.
  • In your profile, add the topics you know about.
  • Answer the questions that feature in your Home Feed because those questions get the maximum views.
  • Don’t answer the questions that have already 100+ previous answers, you will not get the views on such questions.
  • If anybody is requesting an answer from you then definitely answer that question.

If you follow these simple steps you will the result very fast.

The best part of Quora is, you don’t have to spend a penny of money to promote Clickbank products. You can do it for absolutely free.

So if you don’t want to spend your money, then go to Quora and start promoting the Clickbank products.

Promote Via Pinterest

 Pinterest is one of the largest visual social networks where you can share images in the form of pins.

You can create images related to your product, to make amazing images you can use Canva. It is a tool where you can create different types of images.

There is a unique feature in Canva for creating Pinterest images. You can connect Canva to your Pinterest account. By doing this you can directly publish the images to Pinterest without downloading them.

I will suggest you that you should create a business account on Pinterest rather than a normal account because in a business account you can see the statistics of your pin.

Pinterest pins

After signing up for a business account, create pins related to your product and insert your affiliate link in those pins. So that whenever people will click on your pins they will be redirected to the affiliate page.

But, don’t put the affiliate link in your pins directly. Create a landing page on your website and insert the link of that landing page in your pins. By doing this, you can do two things at the same time, you can drive traffic to your website, and at the same time, you can promote the Clickbank Product.

You can create a landing page using Elementor. Elementor is a free WordPress website builder, with over 5 million active installs. You can create beautiful landing pages using drag and drop interface.

As you can see in the image, I have created this landing page using Elementor to promote a Clickbank product that was related to Work From Home

Huppdigital work form home page

From Pinterest, you can get a huge amount of traffic to your blog, and it is also an excellent platform to promote Clickbank products because every day, millions of people use Pinterest.

Final Words on How to Make Money With Clickbank

I hope by reading this guide, you will come to know how to make money with Clickbank and how to promote Clickbank products using different platforms.

If you have any query or problems, feel free to ask, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Also, tell us in the comment, which method of promoting Clickbank products you like the most and Why?

So that we help our readers more accurately.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clickbank free to use?

Anyone can become a Clickbank affiliate, it’s free to use. When you find a product that you wish to promote, you will be provided with a unique link that you can use to promote the products.

Is Clickbank Legit?

Yes, Clickbank is legit. Clickbank is a leading global retailer and affiliate marketplace. Top Marketing Leaders have been promoting Clickbank products for over 20 years, and have earned more than $4.2 billion in commission.

Is it Easy to Make Money on Clickbank?

Yes, it is easy to make money on Clickbank if you promote the products in an efficient and legit way.

Does Clickbank Pay Per Click?

No, Clickbank doesn’t pay as pay per click. You will get paid based on the sales you bring up to the advertisers.

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