Hey Friend!

I am Ankur Gohite. The founder of Huppdigital.

I am an Engineer by profession and Blogger by passion who loves to do blogging and sharing knowledge with others.

I started this blog to share information about different ways of making money and I consider blogging one of the best ways of making money online.

You can do blogging as an online business and earn a considerable amount of money from it.

Wondering How?

I will help you out.

On Huppdigital, I am sharing information about starting a successful blog and different ways of making money from blogging and affiliate marketing.

This blog helps you to seriously grow your blog and help you to generate the right amount of money.

If you want to learn how to make money from blogging and other resources.

Then, this is the blog to follow.

What You Will Learn in Huppdigital:

  • Different legit ways of making money online.
  • What is blogging and how to make money from blogging.
  • How to monetize your blog and make a passive income.
  • Best WordPress plugins, themes, and hostings.
  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to make money by promoting different products.
  • How to write amazing articles that rank on Google.

From an Ordinary student to a successful Blogger (My Story)

We were giving Intro in the first semester of our Engineering.

Professor asked: What do you want to do in your life?

I replied: I want to do my own work (I was hesitating in saying that I want to become an Entrepreneur).

From that day, I started to learn about start-ups a lot then I come to know that for starting your own business you need to learn some new skills.

From there a new journey in my life begins, I learned about Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and Blogging.

I have tried Dropshipping but I didn’t succeed in that. Then I started blogging and got an amazing interest in this field.

But, I didn’t have money for purchasing a laptop, domain and hosting (basic needs of blogging).

So, I started writing blogs on free platforms with custom domains like (.wordpress.com) and (.blogspot.com) and then I come to know that I can’t earn money using free platforms.

After some failures, I convinced my parents for purchasing a laptop and I saved some money from my scholarship to purchase domain and hosting.

Finally, I created this blog, Huppdigital.

If you are looking for any other queries, you can contact me.

Thanks for reading my story and good luck on your journey!

Your New Friend,

Ankur Gohite