9 Unique Tips For Writing Attractive Blog Titles

Anyone can simply write the Blog titles, but writing a blog title that could bring massive traffic to your blog is something different.

You probably spend a lot of time creating the content you publish on your blog. Obviously writing great content is very important.

But if you’re not spending time on writing your blog title then you should seriously reconsider your strategy.

Why should you do that?

Because 80% of your visitors will read your blog title but only 20% will go onto finish the article.

A great title is game-changing, you could say.

And bad titles can cause your content marketing to fail.

Here I will give you some unique tips to write an attractive blog title that helps to increase the traffic of your blog.

1. Use Numbers 

A proven way to get more clicks from the SERP’s is to use numbers in the titles. This technique is popular for a long time.

Number in your title attracts more visitors to your website.

Numbers create curiosity in users mind, that they will able to get their answer in 5 or 7 steps.

The brain seems to believe odd numbers more than even numbers. Odd numbers also help people to digest and recall information more easily.

Numbers are eye-catching because they inform how long the article will be and how many new things you’ll learn.

You’re reading this article, that means my title attracts you because of the number that I have used in my blog title.

Think about it, What sounds more clickable – “Unique tips for writing blog titles or “7 Unique tips for writing attractive blog titles”. It’s obviously the second one.

Also, check the posts below. Aren’t their titles noticeable?

  1. Top 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online
  2. 10 Easy Steps to Make Mobile Friendly Website
  3. 7 Steps to Create a New Blog – Easy Beginner’s Guide

Let’s now try to change a simple keyword into an attracting, eye-catching blog title.

Keyword – Books for blogging.

Good Title – 7 best books for blogging.

Great Title – 7 best books for blogging everyone should read.

Perfect Title-7 best and useful books for blogging everyone should read.

2. Use Power Words

image with text free

Power words are words with strong meaning that every smart bloggers and marketer use to trigger a psychological or emotional response on their visitors.

Power words push the people to read the article because these words get emotionally attached to the people mind.

There are different types of power words, and these power words are used in different ways.

Let us tell you the different ways these power words can be used.


We all are familiar with this word. When you see the word free it works differently on your mind than any other word.

When you offer something for free, it can push people to take action with much less resistance.

Let’s get deep into this with the help of an example.

When you purchase any product if you get an offer to buy one gets one free. The chances of purchasing that product increase because you’re getting one more for free.

Likewise, If you’re purchasing from Amazon and you get free delivery on that product, the chances that you’ll purchase that product will increase.

E-commerce websites use this tactic all the time.


The new word is used by many companies because it’s people mentality that new means are better.

Like if they get any new update on their phone, windows, WordPress etc. They think that it will better the performance and it did so.

New word attracts the people and it increases the rate of click on your website.

How to

How to title are one of the most popular titles for blog posts.

How to title are clicked by most of the people because they provide us solution as well as information.

Think of yourself, how many times you have seen the blogs on Google starting their title with the word How to, Probably the most.

If you’re using how to word in your blog titles, make sure that you’re providing much information in your article.

Also, how to title gets the most share on social media like Twitter and Facebook.


People usually use because words to give a reason.

When we give a reason to anyone, the chances that they will do a favour for us is increases.

The best example of these is The Copy Machine Study.

copy machine study

When you use “because” word in your title, you give a reason for people to click on your website.

3. Pay Attention to Titles you like

Every day you encounter a lot of titles, it may be:

  • Titles of the blog post.
  • Titles of newspaper and magazines
  • Titles on social media.
  • Titles of YouTube channel etc.

When you see those titles you always have a response for that, sometimes you comment on that articles or sometimes simply ignore them.

If you are using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Quora etc.

Pay attention to their headlines, observe that which type of headline attract you the most and which not.

By doing this you’ll get an idea of writing attractive headlines.

Quora is the best platform for doing this, Many writers regularly upload a post in Quora with amazing headlines. Simply write that headlines in your notebook and modify them to use in your article.

Newspapers are also the best thing you can use for analyzing great headings.

Newspaper try to play with people emotions by using emotional and sensory power words in their headings.

You can get an idea of writing emotional words in your title with the help of newspapers.

Anger and anxiety lead people to share because, like awe, they are high-arousal emotions. They kindle the fire, activate people, and drive them to take action.

                  ∼ Jonah Berger

So while scrolling through a blog, reading a newspaper, or while using the social media, start analyzing your response to every heading you see.

Observe which heading you like the most, which makes you click and which one annoyed or offended you.

By analyzing your own response you’ll get some idea on writing attractive and great headlines.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

You have probably read this sentence many times in books and social media.

If you want to increase your productivity and performance, practice is the best solution.

To write a better title for your blog, you should practice writing different types of titles.

While writing an article, write the different title for that article and then choose one of the best among them.

The more you do it, the easier it will be for you, so give yourself an assignment of the writing different blog titles every day.

While writing this blog title, I have also gone through these attempts to make it better – 

1st Attempt – 9 tips for writing good blog titles.

2nd Attempt – 9 tips for writing attractive blog titles.

3rd Attempt – 9 tips for writing eye-catchy blog titles.

Final Attempt – 9 Unique tips for writing attractive blog titles.

Take help from your friends or family members because they also use Google and YouTube to solve their problems, and while doing so they also read too many titles.

Maybe they give an amazing idea to you or a great blog title.

5. Keep it Short

Your title shouldn’t be too long, try to make it short and simple.

Focus on keeping the title under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine titles.

Headlines with Eight words had a 23% higher click-through rate (CTR) than the average title.

So try to make your blog title that contains 7-8 words.

If your title is under 70 character, the search engine will show your full title length in SERP’s.

But if your blog title length is more than 70 character, Search engines will cut-off your title, and readers won’t be able to read the whole title.

Due to which they lose interest in your blog title and didn’t click on your blog titles.

Let’s say I was writing this blog post ” How a beginner can create a new blog? Know full process in 7 Easy Steps”. 

Search engines cut-off these type of long titles. So I would simply try to short it by rephrasing it. Something like this –

  • Before – Beginner’s Guide create a new blog? Know full process in 7 Easy Steps”. 
  • After – 7 steps to create a new blog – Easy Beginner’s Guide.

The second one is looking more attractive and following Google algorithm too.

6. Do Keyword Research to Find Great Title Ideas

search bar

Ever noticed how many blog title ideas you get while doing keyword research.

When you do keyword research for writing your content, different tools provide different types of the keyword.

Not only keywords, but they also provide you with blog title ideas in the form of long-tail keywords.

Customize the long-tail keyword to make it an attractive title or headline of your article.

Probably you may know about the different keyword research tools either paid or free.

These  are the free tools I have used throughout my journey:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  4. Answer the public

So from now, anytime when you do keyword research, do not forget to analyze blog titles too.

7. Use Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math plugin is basically used for SEO purpose. But, Did you know?

This plugin also helps you to write a good title.

Wondering How?

Here is the answer.

It helps to increase the readability of your content. 

When you use this plugin it shows you that your title contains power words, positive and negative emotions, numbers or not.

While writing your article, if your title doesn’t contain power words, emotions and numbers you’ll see a format like this.

And if your article contains all these things the format will convert like this.

So if you want to check that your article is perfect or not, use Rank Math plugin.

8.Analyze Your Blog Titles

As you’ve created 5-10 blog titles, it’s time to analyze those titles.

The Free Headline Analyzer tool helps you to write titles that drive traffic to your website and rank better on search engines.

Enter your title into the box and click Analyze button to start.

The Headline Analyzer tool grades your title based on these factors : 

  • Overall Score – For best performance, try to score 70 or above.
  • Word Count – Headlines are more likely to be clicked on in search result if they have 6- 8 words.
  • Word Balance – The chances of CTR increases, if your title has a perfect balance between common, uncommon and emotion words.
  • Uncommon Words – Use uncommon words in your title to make it look different and unique.
  • Power Words – Power words push people to take action.
  • Common Word – Use a perfect combo of common and uncommon words in your title to get more click.
  • Emotional Words – Emotion trigger people to click on your blog title.
  • Headline Length – The headline that displays fully in search results tend to get more clicks.
  • Sentiment – Use positive or negative sentiment in your title.

Here’s the analysis of one of my title:

And there is the preview of Google search result:

Analyze your different blog titles, try tweaking them to make them better.

9.Optimize Your Blog Title

Your title looks different in different platforms, So after analyzing your blog titles optimize them for different platforms.

  1. Blog post title – The title that appears at the top of your article. You can write a longer title for your blog post to provide more information
  2. SEO Title – The title that appears the search engine result page.
  3. Social media – Title for different social media platforms.

If you’re writing a longer title for your blog post and you use it as SEO title too.

Then it will cut-off in search engine results. So write the different title for the blog post and search engines ( only if your title is long in size).

Social media platforms like Facebook usually use longer size titles, so use longer titles on Facebook.


Blog Post Title:  Increase the speed of your WordPress Website: Easy Beginner’s Guide.

SEO Title: Speed up WordPress Site: Easy Beginner’s Guide.

Facebook Title: An Amazing Way to Increase Speed of Your Website: Easy Beginner’s Guide.

So if you want to get more clicks on your title optimize it for different platforms.


Writing perfect blog titles is not easy, you have to do practice to write a perfect title.

Follow these 9 steps while writing your blog title to make it better.

As I have already said, Practice makes perfect. Give yourself a target of writing titles as much as you can, this will really help you.

If you’re already doing this.

Tell us, How many blog titles do you write for each post?

Let us know in the comments.


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