15 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Kid in 2023

Make Money as a Kid: Hey there, young moneymakers! Are you a kid with big dreams and an entrepreneurial spirit? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re going to explore some super cool and easy ways for you to make some extra cash while having fun at the same time. Whether you’re saving up for that awesome new toy or looking to treat yourself to something special, we’ve got you covered.

So, grab a pen and paper, because we’re about to unleash 15 fantastic money-making ideas that are perfect for kids like you. Get ready to turn your hobbies and talents into cold, hard cash in no time!

Let’s dive in and start your journey toward becoming a young money-making superstar! You will get some awesome and easy ways to make money as a kid.

How To Make Money As a Kid?

Do you know, Every kid has a creative mind as compared to an adult? If in childhood day, any kid will focus on earning Then they got succeed in life. So let us understand with an example.

Kids A & Kids B are studying in the same class. Kid A started to work during their school time to make money online and Kid B was doing time pass. After the end of their education, Kid B is running to find a job, and Kid A is enjoying his/her life. because he/she started before.

Many of the time, they do not value money because the money is not earned by his/her. if the kid can start earning money then they were started doing value. because they had known how it is earned.

Below are the 15 jobs for kids to make money that can help you to earn extra money. You will get to know about different ways by which kids can make money.

1. Blogging


Blogging is one of the best ways to make money as a kid because there is no age limit to starting a blog. You can start blogging at any age. You might be thinking that what is blogging or a blog? So, let me tell you, the blog is an informative or discussion website where you write different posts and earn money through Ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship.

Short answer – “The post that you’re reading is a part of the blog”. Blogging is a long-term money-making plan. You can earn money through blogging for years, the more time you’ll spend blogging the more you’ll earn.

Many bloggers there earn thousands of dollars per month from blogging. Before starting the blog writing, you should know the blog’s meaning.

How to Start a Blog?

To start a blog, the basic things that you’ll need are a domain name and hosting.

What is Domain Name?

The Domain Name is the address of your website that people type in the browser’s search bar to visit your website.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a service that allows you to post a website or web page onto the internet.

You can purchase the domain and hosting from Hostinger or Namecheap because they provide these services at a low price.

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I know, you might be thinking that I am looking for how to make money and you’re telling me to spend money. But I am telling you this because once you started blogging you can make more money than many other works.

But don’t worry, below are so many ways that you can use to make money as a kid without spending a piece of money.

2. Take Surveys

swagbucks image

Taking surveys is the best way of making money online. There are many sites available on the internet that pays you money for doing surveys. One of the most popular sites that pay you money for doing surveys and browsing is Swagbucks. To earn money from Swagbucks, you can do surveys, play games, and refer them to your friends.

When you complete your tasks, you earn SB, the more SB you’ll earn, the more money you’ll get. You can redeem it to get gift vouchers for Amazon and Flipkart or you can directly redeem your cash. If you like to browse new things on the internet and love to play games, you can earn a good amount of money from Swagbucks.

One of the best features of Swagbucks is you can make it your default search engine means whenever you search for anything on the internet it will be searched by using Swagbucks. Your wallet balance in Swagbucks will automatically increase whenever you search on the internet.

3. Babysitting

baby image

Babysitting is one of the oldest kid jobs around. It’s a great opportunity to make money as a kid, a 14-year-old kid or above can do this job properly. Many parents there remain busy in their jobs due to which they didn’t able to give too much time to their kids.

You can approach them and tell them about your services that how much you’ll pay, what facility you will provide the timing, and other important things. You can also use social media to find more customers, provide a list of your services and pricing details on your social media profile and share it as much as you can.

You can also ask your friends and neighbors to find more people who want a babysitter or you can advertise your work on different websites that are related to babysitter services.

4. Dogwalker

dog image

If you’re comfortable with dogs and love to spend time with dogs, this job is best for you. In today’s busy life, people don’t get time to go for a walk with their dogs which makes their dogs lazy and unhealthy.

Due to this, they start to search for people who can take care of their dogs by going for a walk with their dogs regularly. You might have seen many people who do this work to earn extra money for their daily expenditures.

You can also find this type of people around you who are looking for a dog walker and the best thing about this work is you don’t have to spend a lot of time.

Just walk or remain with the dog for 2-3 hours then after completing your work handle the dog to his/her owner.

5. Take Care of Your Neighbour’s Pet

pets image

Many times you’ve seen that whenever your neighbors go for a vacation, the major problem they face is “Who will take care of their pets”.

By solving their problem you can get a chance to make money as a kid by taking care of their pets. You can make a good amount of money by doing this work. Tell your neighbors that whenever they go out for vacations or any other work you’ll take care of their pets and charge some amount of money for doing the work.

Also, ask your friends and neighbors, did they know anyone who wants a person that can take care of their pets while they are out. This will help you to improve your connection and eventually, your work and earnings will increase.

6. Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

Etsy image

Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy and collect unique items. You can sell different types of products on Etsy such as jewelry, bags, toys, home decor, furniture, art, as well as craft supplies, and tools.

So, if you’ve got an interest in making home decor items, designer bags, and many other things that people can buy, you can sell them on Etsy. If you already have such types of things, you can create an account on Etsy and start selling those products.

Etsy is straightforward to use, you’ve to upload give information about your product such as pricing, material that you have used, manufacturing details, and other work that will be done by the Etsy team. There is no Etsy warehouse – just millions of people selling the things they love. They make the whole process easy, helping you connect directly with buyers.

If you are an art-loving person and love to make designs on different things, believe me, you can earn a huge amount of money from Etsy.

7. Start Selling T-Shirts

t-shirt image

Designer T-shirts have a high demand in the market. You can make t-shirts more creative and unique to sell on an online platform such as Etsy and Cafepress.

We know about Etsy, let’s explore Cafepress. Cafepress is a website where you can buy or sell different designer things such as t-shirts, mugs, bags, pillows, masks, and many more things. So, let’s make your t-shirts more creative and attractive, sell them on Cafepress, and make money.

8. Become a Photographer

Photography is also one of the best ways to make money as a kid because there is no age limit to taking photos from the camera, you can do this work at any age.

Everyone wants to look good in real life as well as in photos, you can make money by clicking photos of others. There are also many other ways of making money as a photographer. You can upload your photos on Canva, Pixels, and other photo gallery websites.

Millions of users download photos from these websites to use in their blogs or website. Some of them donate some money to the photographer.

Canva and Pexels also give commissions to photographers whenever any user downloads their photos.

9. Become an Instagram Influencer

In 2023, kids can explore creative avenues to make money on Instagram while adhering to age-appropriate guidelines and ensuring a safe online presence.

One way is by showcasing their unique talents, such as art, crafts, or musical skills, through engaging posts and captivating stories that resonate with their peers. Collaborating with local businesses or online shops to promote their products can also be a lucrative venture

If you become an Instagram influencer you can connect with so many people easily because so many people are using Instagram nowadays.

To become an influencer, you can share your photos and videos on Instagram. But, remember you don’t have to just share your photos and videos.

Share the videos that contain some information. The simplest way is whenever you visit a new place, take photos and videos of that place and post them on Instagram.

You can also share your thoughts about that place and through your videos, you can highlight the important things about that place.

So, this is all about becoming an Instagram influencer. Now, the question arrives, How to make money as a kid by becoming an Instagram influencer?

Here is your answer, When you become an influencer, people start to follow you to gain more information.

By seeing your following the big companies and marketers contact you to promote their products on Instagram. Whenever you promote their product they give you a good amount of money.

There are also many other ways of making money from Instagram, use Instagram as a business and you’ll automatically find new ways of making money from Instagram.

10. Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is not a big task but maintaining consistency is a big task.

If you’re thinking of creating a YouTube channel to make money as a kid. The most important thing you should know is you can’t make money immediately from youtube, it takes time.

So, if you have the time of 4-6 months to invest in Youtube then you can make a good amount of money from Youtube.

You can create a Youtube channel based on your interest if you’re interested in playing with toys and if you’ve got a lot of toys, you can make videos of toys.

Similarly, you can make videos related to cycling, cooking, studying, games, and many more.

You can make money from Youtube through ads and affiliate marketing.

  • Ads: When your Youtube channel gets monetized, you can use ads in your videos. Whenever people see those ads you earn money.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a way of making money by selling products through your affiliate link. You use so many products while making a video, you can provide an Amazon link of that product in the description.

Whenever people purchase a product using your link, you earn a commission.

So, if you’ve time and like to make videos, you should create a youtube channel to make money as a kid.

11. Car Wash

Washing cars is also a good way of making money as a kid. Nowadays people remain busy doing their work so they didn’t get time to wash their cars. You can ask car owners to wash their cars and tell them the amount of money you’ll charge to wash a car.

Washing a car is an easy task to make money, you can make a little amount of money to use in your extra expenditure. By doing this work, you don’t have to ask your parents for money every time. You will be able to handle your expenses.

12. Brush & Groom Dog

Dogs are the most lovable pet animals. People spend a lot of money on caring for their dogs.

If you’re a pet lover and love to spend time with dogs then you can do this work. People offer a good amount of money for cleaning their dogs. By doing this work, you can enjoy yourself with dogs and at the same time, you can make money too.

The biggest advantage is you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this work so your parents will also not stop you from doing this work.

After doing this work you’ll have a lot of time for doing other work such as study, sports, reading, and many more.

13. Clean Gardens

By cleaning the gardens you can make money to use for your expenses. Cleaning the garden is great to work on because by doing this you’re not just making money but you’re cleaning the environment also.

You might have seen many private gardens near your home or colony. Tell the owner of that garden that you’ll clean the garden by charging some amount of money.

Usually, people charge a massive amount of money to clean gardens. If you tell the owner that you will charge less then the owner will provide you with the work of cleaning the garden.

You can also take the help of your friends for cleaning the garden and instead of that give a tiny amount of money to them or provide them with some chocolates or toffees.

14. Sell Candy/Baked Goods

Selling candy/baked goods is a good business idea. You can make a good commission by selling these things. For doing this work you’ll need the help of your parents to prepare baked goods like cake or pastry.

You can prepare the product in your house and then sell it in your colony or the area near your home. Make sure that you’re charging a legit amount of money for your products.

If the prices are high, no one will purchase it from you, and if the prices are very low then it will be a loss for you.

If possible, try to give home delivery to nearby areas because people like to purchase products that can deliver to their doorstep. You can also build a website of yours that is related to your product (Baked Goods) to explore your market.  

15. Sell Newspaper

For selling the newspaper you’ve to just spend 1-2 hours a day and the rest of the time is free. So, this is the work where you can make money as a kid in a short interval of time.

By just spending a maximum of 2 hours a day, you can earn a little amount of money.

But for selling newspapers your age should be above 14 years, if you’re below 14 then you can’t do this work.

Final Words

In this post, I’ve mentioned the top 15 ways of making money as a kid. Some of them are them can make money in a short interval of time such as babysitting, dogwalker, and selling newspapers.

Some of them make money over a long interval of time such as blogging, Youtube channel, and Instagram influencer.

You’ve to choose it wisely which work you want to do. If you’ve time choose long-interval money-making work because they can provide you with a huge amount of money.

But, if you don’t have sufficient time and you want to earn money immediately then choose short-interval money-making work.

There are so many ways of making money as a kid, here I have mentioned only 15 but you can find those ways by yourself by observing your capability.

Observe what type of work is going on around you and how you can make money by involving yourself in that work.

Let us know, out of 15 ways to make money as a kid, which way you like the most and why.

Comment below!

Also, if you’ve any queries ask in the comment section, and I will answer them all.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How can I make money as a child?

Ans. There are several ways children can make money, such as doing chores for family and neighbors, offering pet sitting or dog walking services, selling handmade crafts or baked goods, or participating in paid surveys or online tasks with parental permission.

Q2. How can a 12-year-old make good money?

Ans. As a 12-year-old, you can explore options like babysitting, tutoring younger children in subjects you excel at, organizing garage sales, mowing lawns, or delivering newspapers in your neighborhood. Additionally, you could consider selling items you no longer need through online platforms or engaging in creative endeavors like writing stories or creating artwork to sell.

Q3. How can a 13-year-old make money fast at home?

Ans. For a 13-year-old looking to earn money quickly from home, you could consider tasks like taking online surveys, participating in paid focus groups or market research studies, and doing freelance work like graphic design or content writing (if you have the necessary skills), or starting a small online business selling products or services.

Q4. How can a 13-year-old make 1k?

Ans. Making $1,000 as a 13-year-old can be challenging, but with dedication and effort, it’s possible. You could try combining various methods, such as offering a combination of services like babysitting, pet sitting, and lawn care, or creating an online business that sells products or provides virtual services. Additionally, you could explore opportunities to make money through online platforms that offer paid tasks, such as participating in online research studies or testing websites and apps.

Q5. How can I make $500 as a kid?

Ans. As a kid, you can earn $500 by providing services like pet sitting or lawn mowing, selling crafts online or at local markets, offering tutoring in subjects you excel at, or assisting with one-time gigs such as moving or event support. Remember to prioritize safety and seek parental guidance throughout the process.

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