10 Basic Requirements For Google AdSense Approval

Is your website ready to apply for Google Adsense account? Does your website, blog, or YouTube channel is eligible for Google Adsense?

If you want the answer to these questions then you are reading the perfect post because, in this post, I will tell you about the basic requirements for Google Adsense.

Before applying for Google Adsense account, you should know the requirements for Google Adsense. So, you can get the Google Adsense approval in the first attempt.

As you know, Google Adsense is one of the best advertising networks. So, for converting a normal blog into a money-making blog, Google Adsense approval is very important.

But, nowadays getting Google Adsense approval is not so easy because Google had updated their Adsense policies in past few years. Due to which it takes time to get Adsense approval for the website.

Also, you have to follow all the requirements for Google Adsense to get approval for any site. If you don’t follow the requirements of Google Adsense, you will never get the approval of Google Adsense.

But, don’t worry!

In this post, I will tell you about the requirements for Google Adsense and I will also give you some tips & tricks on how to get Google Adsense approval fast.

Things to Know Before Applying For Google Adsense

Before applying for an Adsense account there are few thing you should know:

  • Your age should be at least 18 years old.
  • Make sure your domain is at least 3 months old.
  • Before applying for Adsense, make a Google account (such as Gmail).
  • Make sure your website content adheres the Adsense policies.
  • Your site shouldn’t have copyrighted content.
  • Write at least 15 blog posts before applying for an Adsense account.

If you are sure that your website meets all the criteria I have mentioned above then you’re ready to apply for an Adsense account.

Now, let’s understand the requirements for Google Adsense account in detail.

Requirements For Google Adsense Approval

1. You Must Be Over 18 Years of Age

According to Google’s terms and condition, you must be over 18 years of age to apply for an Adsense account. If you’re not 18 years old then you can’t apply for a Google Adsense account.

It is the basic requirements for Google Adsense approval that your age should be at least 18 years old.

If you’re not 18 years old and have created a site that is worthy for monetization then you can use your parent’s or guardian information to create an Adsense account.

In the early ’20s, this type of problem occurs very few times. But nowadays, children’s are focusing on making money online and they create amazing websites at an early age.

The great example of this is Umer Qureshi. He is a 16 years old part-time blogger and affiliate marketer. At an early age, he is making a good amount of money from the Internet.

That’s why I have included this point in the post because I know that some of you are below 18 years old and doing great work at an early age.

2. Your Site Must Have High-Quality Content

This is an important requirement for Google Adsense. When you apply for an Adsense account the first thing they observe on your website is the content.

From the last few years, Google has updated so many policies and with every update, many things have been changed. But, the only thing that doesn’t change was content.

If your site has good and unique content you can get Google Adsense approval with a new blog in the attempt.

Google always try to provide the best value to its users, for that Google looks for the websites that provide unique and interesting content.

If your website is one of them then you’ll definitely get the Google Adsense approval for your site.

So, before applying for an Adsense account, write quality content on your website. You can provide quality by giving detailed information on your site.

You should write blog posts on your site like if any readers read that post, his/her all the queries should be solved after reading that post.

He shouldn’t have to read any other article related to that topic.

For providing such quality, you have to write long articles on your site because long in-depth articles provide the best value and they also rank better in search engines.

Long form content is any content 1500+ words. So, always try to write at least 1500 words article.

3. Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is an important part of any website.

When you apply for an Adsense account they try to check every part of your website. Let me tell you, Google ad team manually check each website before giving the Adsense approval.

There is no automated process, that’s why the Google Adsense approval process is slow. Sometimes you’ve to wait up to 2 weeks for getting Adsense approval.

So, if your site is easy to navigate, the Google ad team will be able to observe your website properly and the chances of getting approved increase a lot.

Always use different categories and sub-categories for different types of posts. As you can see in huppdigital, we focus on write articles related to two categories; blogging, and money-making tips.

Huppdigital home page

So, we have created two category pages. If the user wants to read about blogging, he/she can click on blogging and they will find all the articles related to blogging.

Similarly, they can read articles related to money-making in different category page.

You can also make easy navigation on your website by creating category pages. It will be beneficial for your readers.

4. Your Site Shouldn’t Have Copyrighted Content

All content you display on your site should be created by yourself whether it is text, image, or video.

You can’t use an copyrighted content on your site. If you do so, it can harm your website badly.

Many beginner bloggers do this mistake they copy the content from other sites or they use images available on Google.

Let me clearly tell you, you can’t use images from Google because those images are created by someone else.

But, there are some legit ways of using Google images and videos. You can use images by giving credit to the owner of the image.

There are also many websites available from where you can get sharing images for free, such as:

  • Canva
  • Pexels
  • Unsplash

You can also embed an YouTube video in your blog posts as long as you aren’t claiming you created it.

But, I recommend using your own created content as long as possible.

If you want to check that your content is unique or not, you can use this plagiarism checker tool. Just copy and paste your content and this tool will tell you that your content is unique or not.

Small SEO tools image

5.You Must have 3 Months Old Blog

Domain age matters a lot in getting Adsense approval. So, make sure that your site is at least 3 months old before applying for an Adsense account.

If you have created the site 2 or 3 weeks ago and you are applying for Google Adsense account then you may probably not get the approval.

As the age of your domain increases the authority of your site is also increases and nowadays Google Adsense team is only approving those sites that have some authority.

In the early ’20s, Google Adsense approval process was easy, you create a website and within one month you get the AdSense account approval.

At that time, many bloggers have got Google Adsense approval in 1 minute. But, many people start to use Adsense in the wrong way.

Many people earned lot of money by making unwanted clicks on their ads and by driving illegal traffic.

Google understands that people are using their Adsense account in the wrong ways and then Google updates their terms and condition.

Although, Google has never revealed in their terms and condition that the domain age is an important factor. But, it matters a lot, domain age is one of the essential requirements for Google Adsense approval.

You can check the domain age using domain age checker tool.

6. Your Site Shouldn’t Have Illegal Content

It is clearly mentioned in Google policies, they don’t allow content that is illegal or promotes illegal activity.

You can’t write a content on your site that promotes discrimination of an individual or group based on their race, religion, and nationality.

So, if your blog niche is related to religion or nationality, make sure that you don’t promote thede type of illegal activity on your website.

If Google Adsense team found an article on your site that promotes illegal activity then you’ll never get the Adsense approval for your site.

You can find a lot of content on the internet made by or in the support of the terrorist group or transnational drug trafficking organization. These type of content are illegal.

I know never of you who are reading this post will promote such type of content on your website but I want that after reading this post each of you gets the Adsense approval for your site that’s why I am including every important point in this post.

Also, you even can’t promote any form of content related to hacking or cracking. So, if you’re a person who loves hacking, I suggest you keep it up to yourself.

Don’t ever share that hacking tricks on your website if you want Google Adsense approval for your site.

7. Your Site Should Have Important Pages

Some of the most important pages of website are:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy policy

An important requirement for Google Adsense is having important pages on your website.

These pages provide basic information to Google about your website. Google comes to know about you and the content of your website.

In about us page, you have to provide information about you, your team, and the mission of your website.

Tell your readers about what type of information you’ll share on your site and why you have started this site. By doing this, you build trust amongst the readers.

Create a contact us page, so that, your readers or visitors can contact you anytime if they have any questions and problems and always try to solve their problems as soon as possible.

You can create a contact us form using WordPress plugins like, WPForms or Ninja Forms.

Using these plugins you can create beautiful, user-friendly, WordPress forms that will make you feel like a professional web developer.

In disclaimer page, you have to disclose the things, you’re using on your site. If you’re using any type of affiliate links and ads on your site then you have to disclose these things in the disclaimer page.

Disclaimer page is also known as discloser page.

Google Adsense team look for this page in every website.

So, having a disclaimer page is one of the essential requirements for Google Adsense approval.

Privacy policy is a page where you have to provide information about the policies of your website that how your website collects, uses, shares, and sells the personal information of your visitors.

A privacy policy also discloses the use of cookies and other tracking technologies that may affect user privacy.

So, having a privacy policy page is very crucial.

These pages are important for every website that wants Google Adsense approval fast. So, always use these pages in your site.

8. Write At Least 15 Blog Posts

As I have mentioned above, writing high-quality content is very important for getting Adsense approval. But, with quality, you also need quantity.

If you’re writing long articles on your site (1500+ words) then 15 -20 blog posts are sufficient. But, if you’re writing small articles then try to write at least 25 articles before applying for Adsense.

Google always looks for the content and if your site has good content and the sufficient number of blog posts then I am pretty sure that you’ll get Adsense approval for your site.

You may be wondering, why this guy is always saying content, content, content.

I am focusing on content because when the first time I have applied for Adsense, I got the rejection. There may be many reasons for that rejection but the most important reason was content.

At that time, my site has only 12 articles. Although all articles written on my site were long in-depth articles and most of them were 2500+ words articles.

Then I come to know about this fact that having a sufficient number of articles on your site is very important for getting the Google Adsense approval.

I have done this mistake because I had seen some videos on YouTube saying, how to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute or how to get Adsense approval fast.

Don’t do this mistake. Keep in mind, it takes time to get Adsense approval. Be patient and focus on providing values to your visitors.

9. Make Sure Your Site Theme Looks Great

A theme is a very important part of a website. A great theme makes your site attractive and user-friendly.

Theme is the best resource for people who don’t know website designing. Even if you don’t know website designing, you can create an amazing website using the drag & drop functionality themes.

People like to visit on a website that has a good look and design. Take the example of your’s, which site you like the most a well-designed site or an ugly site.

Obviously, it will be a well-designed and attractive site.

Similarly, Google Adsense team also look for the design of your website because a good design makes your site user-friendly and increases the user-engagement on your site.

Nowadays every theme available on WordPress is a mobile responsive theme but if you’re using a theme that is not mobile responsive then change it now.

You can use GeneratePress theme. GeneratePress is a search engine optimized theme and the size of the theme is less than 10kb. So, this theme will give you a head start with search engines before you even add content.

Also, by using GeneratePress theme you can fulfill one of the important requirements for Google Adsense approval process.

10. Read Google Adsense Policies Carefully

Before applying for an Adsense account, read the Adsense policies carefully. It is the basic requirements for Google Adsense that you follow the policies.

When you monetize your content with Google ad code you are require to adhere the Adsense policies.

If you don’t follow the Adsense policies, Google has the right to block the ads on your site or suspending or terminating your account.

Some of the most important Google Adsense policies are:

  • Google Adsense does not allow illegal content.
  • They do not allow content that outrage copyright.
  • They do not allow content that promotes false or dishonest claims. Example: “Get Rich Quick” schemes.
  • Google Adsense does not allow the content that includes graphic sexual text, image, audio, or video.
  • You are not allowed to use of adult themes in family content.

So, read the Google Adsense policies carefully if you don’t want the rejection.

Wrapping Up On Requirements For Google Adsense

Now it’s your to monetize your blog with Google Adsense and start earning money.

After reading this post, you know the basic requirements for Google Adsense and if follow all the requirements of Adsense mentioned above.

I am pretty sure that you will get the Google Adsense approval for your site.

If you’re facing problem in getting Adsense approval. Tell us in the comment and we will try to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends and help them to get Google Adsense approval.

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